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October 21, 2020


The Dregs #1-2 (Review)

The Dregs #1-2  Black Mask Studios Writers: Zach Thompson and Lonnie Nadler Many US comic books feature a “Letters to the Editor” section or an “Afterword” by the writer. This comic does not. In place of these communicative conventions that readers have come to expect, the issue instead concludes with a black-and-white photo of a

Savage Things #1 (review)

Savage Things #1 Vertigo Comics, March 2017 Writer: Justin Jordan In the 1963 paper titled “The Threat to Kill,” psychiatrist J.M. Macdonald proposed the concept of a so-called “homicidal triad” – animal cruelty, pyromania, and persistent bedwetting – as directly linked to homicidal or sexual predatory behavior upon reaching a certain age.

Moonshine #5 (Review)

Moonshine #5 Image Comics, February 2017 Writer: Brian Azzarello It’s hard to think of a current comic with a pulpier premise than that of “Moonshine” by American publisher Image Comics. The series, in short, tells a Southern tale of hillbilly werewolves and the mafioso gangsters who want them dead. Luckily, pulp is where creators Brian

Heartthrob #1 (Review)

Oni Press, Inc. April 2016 Writer: Christopher Sebela Review by Neil Raymundo, April 24, 2016 Christopher Sebela’s “Heartthrob” explores second chances, short lives, and shared consciousness. The protagonist is a woman named Callie Boudreau, who was born with a congenital heart disease that gave her a very defined expiration date. We meet the character after

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