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23rd January 2022

Grafity’s Wall (revisited)

Writer : Ram V Artist : Anand Radhakrishnan Publisher : Dark Horse Year : 2018 A wall is supposed to be used to keep unwanted elements outside; these can either be the cold period of winter, the hellishly hot days of summer, or even creatures, ranging from dogs and cats (usually those which do not … Read more

Goblin Slayer (Review)

Goblin SlayerWriter: Kosuke KurosePublisher: Square Enix, May 25, 2016-Present Most manga readers will be familiar with the Goblin Slayer brand via the controversial anime, which attracted a lot of attention when it first debuted due to graphic scenes involving the brutal mauling, sexual assault, and massacre of several characters at the hands of goblins. The manga version … Read more

Sonny Liew, the Attack Dog, and Singapore’s historical comic book controversy

Comic book writers should spare a thought for colleagues in countries where politics intersects with creation. In this article, we look at a controversy which has arisen in Singapore pitting a comic book creator against its government. Singapore is a democracy with rule-of-law institutions inherited from its time as part of the British Empire. Singapore … Read more