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Category: Japan

Video Girl Ai (revisited)

Writer/Artist : Masakazu Katsura Weekly Shonen Jump, December 1989-April 1992 It is trite to say that love, as a concept, is something not so easy

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Maison Ikkoku (review and interview)

Writer/Artist : Rumiko Takahashi Shogakukan, 1980-1987 English Edition : Viz – Collector’s Edition Translator : Matt Treyvaud Love, as a topic in literature, usually means

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Disappearance Diary (review)

Writer/Artist : Hideo Azuma Translators : Kumar Sivasubramanian & Elizabeth Tiernan Publisher : Ponent Mon, 2005 Depression, a concept we are so used to nowadays,

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Nonnonba (review)

Writer/Artist : Shigeru Mizuki Translator : Jocelyne Allen Published by : Drawn & Quarterly Year : 2019 (Original Japanese text: 1977) Time and time again

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Dokudami Tenement (review)

Writer and artist: Takashi Fukutani, Weekly Manga Times. 1979-1992 The review is based on the Italian edition, a “best of” containing a couple of chapters

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Uzamaki (revisited)

Uzumaki Writer and Artist: Junji Ito Publisher : Viz, 2013 (originally 1998-99) Horror requires the creation of a structure putting into motion a feeling of

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Panorama of Hell (revisited)

Writer and Artist: Hideshi Hino, 1984 This review is based on the French edition published by IMHO in 2020. The English version has been translated

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