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September 17, 2021


The Resurrected #5 (Review)

The Resurrected #5Carnouche Productions, March 2019Writer: Christian Carnouche We have been following Australian writer Christian Carnouche’s independently-published title The Resurrected for some time, and with this fifth issue the title reaches a conclusion. For a summary of the plot and the issues of treatment of Australian Aboriginal people which the title addresses, please follow this link. As

the resurrected

The Resurrected 4 (Review)

The Resurrected 4 Carnouche Productions, December 2018 Writer: Christian Carnouche Writer Christian Carnouche has been penning science fiction comic book titles The Resurrected for over a year, and has now reached his fourth issue. (We have been following The Resurrected from its inception.) In our recent review of issue 2, we explored how the evil

ghost beach

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story Writer and publisher: Ben Mitchell, 2017 What happens when everything around you gets incrementally darker, and there is nothing you can do about it but reluctantly join the darkness? And what if you were compelled to make this decision not at the gates of some murky supernatural hell, but

Drawn Onward. A Back to Front to Back Tale of Hopelessness and Hope (review)

Drawn Onward. A Back to Front to Back Tale of Hopelessness and Hope Fremantle Press, 2017 Writer: Meg McKinley Critics are bone-cracking omnivores. As a rule, the more there is to consume, the better to whet sharp incisors, and there are more bits to pick from our teeth. Drawn Onward, A Back to Front to

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