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December 6, 2020


JSA: The Liberty Files – Revisited 20 Years Later

DC Comics: 2000, 2003, and 2012 Writer: Dan Jolley and Tony Harris: D. Clay Moore Artists: Tony Harris and Ray Snyder After a slight detour to review two independent titles and the final instalment of Doomsday Clock, we return to our exploration of espionage comics with JSA: The Justice Files, an out-of-continuity wartime adventure set

Revisiting Manhunter (review)

DC Comics, 1973 Writer: Archie Goodwin Artist: Walt Simonson This is the third review of comics from the genre of espionage (for want of a better term, our “spy comics week”). We turn back almost fifty years to a revered classic, Manhunter, written by Archie Goodwin and with art by Walt Simonson.  This is a

The Dead Hand (volume 1) review

The Dead Hand (volume 1) review Image Comics, October 2018 Writer: Kyle Higgins Artist: Stephen Mooney This is our second review of espionage genre comics this week. We here look at The Dead Hand, a comic by writer Kyle Higgins and artist Stephen Mooney. The Dead Hand is a sinister text. The Cold War, with

Cover volume 1 (review)

Jinxworld/DC Comics, March 2019 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: David Mack This is our first review of a week of espionage comics. We start with one of the best. We are not sure how we managed to miss the publication of volume one of Cover earlier this year, other than sheer bad luck. Cover is

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