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19th May 2022

A Walk Through Hell (review)

Early on, during the point where The Pandemic was still just “That thing that’s like the flu, but a little worse” in the minds of most U.S. Americans, a book written by Garth Ennis with art by Goran Sudzuka, was quietly released in a market glutted with many works and a lot of horror competing for the eyeballs and off hours of readers across the world.

“Did you hear what Eddie Gein done?” (review)

Writers : Harold Schechter & Eric Powell Artist : Eric Powell Design : Phil Balsman Publisher : Albatross Funnybooks Year : 2021 Throwing up, as an action, requires the body to respond to a situation which, theoretically, has become unbearable. There might be endless tales of when, after drinking too much, we could have accidentally, … Read more

Yo, asesino (revisited)

Writer : Antonio Altarriba Art : Keko Publisher : Norma Editorial – 2014 (Spanish edition) “Matar es un arte”, that is, killing is an art. What kind of art it is may lead the reader down a path that is better left sleeping. Yet, as curiosity is what makes man discover new inventions, so is … Read more