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September 22, 2020


Three Panel Crimes (review)

Writer / Curator: Tony Fabro Published on Instagram Recently we received this message by way of our Contact Us page : I write a webcomic called @threepanelcrimes on instagram. It’s a different crime story told each week in just three silent panels. We’ve been going for almost two years now and have just over 19k

Broke Down and Four Dead Bodies #1 (review)

Orange Cone Productions, February 2018 Writer: Travis Gibbs Artist: Felix Novara  Two bickering low-level criminals pushing a ruined, shot-up car along a desert road, with four corpses arranged in the back seat, sounds very much like the opening sequence of a Quentin Tarentino motion picture. And indeed, this story could be the origin tale of

The Love She Offered #1-3 (review)

Comics Experience / Source Point Press 2019 Writer: Glenn Møane Artist: Tirso Llanetta (Online review copy) Martin Amis’ novel London Fields has a pastoral title, but is concerned with murder, theft, betrayal and other dirty deeds in 1980s London. Do not similarly be fooled by the romance-themed title and cover art of The Love She

Wolverton #2 (Review)

Wolverton #2 Writers: Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett Burnt Biscuit Books, Fall 2019 We have previously reviewed the first issue of Wolverton, an 1930s pulp adventure comic with shades of dark fantasy by writers Michael Stark and Terrell T. Garrett. That first issue focused on crime as a source of entertainment and distraction to

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