World Comic Book Review

18th March 2023

Friday (review): Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin look at child detectives and what kind of adults they could grow up to be.

Now, imagine Encyclopedia Brown taking on cases that involve Lovecraftian nightmare creatures, but with the New England flavor swapped out for a Mid Western taste profile. That’s the second half of the equation from two creators named Marcos and Ed. One could tell you what the third part of the formula is… but that would … Read more

A Walk Through Hell (review)

Early on, during the point where The Pandemic was still just “That thing that’s like the flu, but a little worse” in the minds of most U.S. Americans, a book written by Garth Ennis with art by Goran Sudzuka, was quietly released in a market glutted with many works and a lot of horror competing for the eyeballs and off hours of readers across the world.

“Did you hear what Eddie Gein done?” (review)

Writers : Harold Schechter & Eric Powell Artist : Eric Powell Design : Phil Balsman Publisher : Albatross Funnybooks Year : 2021 Throwing up, as an action, requires the body to respond to a situation which, theoretically, has become unbearable. There might be endless tales of when, after drinking too much, we could have accidentally, … Read more