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24th September 2022

“Did you hear what Eddie Gein done?” (review)

Writers : Harold Schechter & Eric Powell Artist : Eric Powell Design : Phil Balsman Publisher : Albatross Funnybooks Year : 2021 Throwing up, as an action, requires the body to respond to a situation which, theoretically, has become unbearable. There might be endless tales of when, after drinking too much, we could have accidentally, … Read more

Yo, asesino (revisited)

Writer : Antonio Altarriba Art : Keko Publisher : Norma Editorial – 2014 (Spanish edition) “Matar es un arte”, that is, killing is an art. What kind of art it is may lead the reader down a path that is better left sleeping. Yet, as curiosity is what makes man discover new inventions, so is … Read more

“100 Bullets” revisited, Part 1 of 3: Croatoa, MK Ultra, and the induced amnesia of the Minutemen

Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Eduardo Risso Vertigo Comics, 1999-2009 As ever, this review contains spoilers. It seems an odd thing to have to warn readers that this review contains insights into critical plot developments and twists, given the title concluded publication twelve years ago. Such is the compelling nature of the extended chess game that … Read more