World Comic Book Review

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24th November 2022

Stoneseeker #1-3 (review)

Creator: Scott Pritchett Stoneseeker is a comic from Australian creator Scott Pritchett. The promotional copy for the first issue reads as follows: When Geologist Irin enters the snowy town of Peake, she asks the impossible – to cross the Floating Isles in search of a legend. Only one optimistic boy, Peake (named after the town), … Read more

Personal Growth (review)

Creator: Sarah Milne Amplified Press, February 2022 In his spare time (and it is not much of a secret to regular readers after WCBR’s ongoing life span of six years) this reviewer is an intellectual property lawyer. The copyright notice on this comic, entitled Personal Growth, ends with a singularly unique sentence: “Breakfast of Champignons”. … Read more

The Con Artists (review)

Creator: Luke Healy Faber & Faber, 2022 After a work-related hiatus of two months, WCBR returns. The Con Artists is a slice of life comic book created by Luke Healy, and published by Faber & Faber in 2022. (Faber & Faber is not known for publishing comics, and so we decided to categorise this as … Read more