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20th January 2022

NJXP (Review)

Creator: Rhys Prosser Independent, November 2021 NJXP is the first graphic novel written and illustrated by Rhys Prosser (see Rhys Prosser – Comic Book Author). Mr Prosser originally started working on NJXP in 2019 but managed to finish and release the project in late 2021. (As we see so often in this age of Covid, … Read more

West Coast Comic Anthology (review)

Creators: Gavin Aung Than, Campbell Whyte, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Tim Meakins, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Brenton McKenna, Edward J. Grug III, Jessica McLeod, Bernard Caleo, Stuart Medley, Mike Greaney, Stacy Gougoulis, Leonie Brialey, Jessica Robley, Aska Illustration, Amy Ge, Nathan Vass Viney, Lola Baldsing, Nina Dakin, Sarah Winifred Searle, Andrei Buters, Tyson Elmer, Alyce Sarich, Annie … Read more

Rebel Rebel: The Graphic Biography of David Bowie

Creator: Con Chrisoulis Independently published, August 2020 MINIATURIZED REPRESENTATIVE ART in painting and figures, often fashioned in jewelry and worn as a talisman, at times achieves an incredible veracity to detail to portray the likeness of the original subject, like a tiny ship in a bottle. This is the perfect effect in the graphic panels … Read more

Salty Seductions of the Salacious Seas (review)—“Love is the motive right or wrong”

Writer: David Doub Artist: Pat Binder Diamond, February 2022 Entering this finely drawn story in the quiet meadows of Cornwall, traveling in a carriage drawn by a team of four horses, looks more comfortable than it could have been, due to the charming penmanship of both writer David Doub and artist Pat Binder, leading us … Read more