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March 28, 2020


Supermom: Expecting Trouble #1 (review)

Writer: Gordon McLean Artist: Caio Oliveira  December 2019, Action Lab The superhero genre is a cavern almost completely excavated of anything of value. It is very difficult to discern any glimmers of gold left in the dark. So much of the material, with its parameters of good against evil, superpowers, ritualised combat, and fetished costumes, has

Fizgig #1 (review)

Writer: Calico Davies Lead Artist: David Moreno Inker: Alex Bermudez Independently published, November 2019 For the past two decades at least, the large American publishers of superhero comics have been shifting the bulk of their publications to suit a much older demographic that what we would have been part of up until the late 1980s.

The List #1-2 (review) of 4

Writer: James Stimpson Artist: Liana Reccione The List is a weird concoction. Santa, so the tradition goes, keeps a list of who is naughty and who is nice. This is a story of the Santa who deals with the naughty people. Salvatore is a former British commando who has taken to drinking and punishing people

Three Panel Crimes (review)

Writer / Curator: Tony Fabro Published on Instagram Recently we received this message by way of our Contact Us page : I write a webcomic called @threepanelcrimes on instagram. It’s a different crime story told each week in just three silent panels. We’ve been going for almost two years now and have just over 19k

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