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19th May 2022

The Rite #1 (review)

Writer: Aaron J. McGrath Artist: Hernan Gonzalez Colourist: Damian Felitte Letter: Nicholas Lepka December, 2021 The Rite #1 is an independent horror title released in December 2021. Here is the shortish promotional blurb from Amazon’s site: This single-issue story follows three hikers seeking adventure on a backpacking trip but finding something much darker lurking in … Read more

Angel (review)—“Get behind me I’ll take the hit”

Story: Bryan Edward Hill Art: Gleb Melnikov, Gabriel Cassata Boom! Studios, 2019 ONE CREATES AND ONE COPIES, like seed to seedling  or student grasshoppers learning to chirp. Vampires copy, too, just like you having kids, each imperfectly, due to intercourse mixing genes according to taste. Artists copy and writers copy as anyone who talks copies, … Read more