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July 24, 2021


Forgotten Hymns #1 (review)

Writer and creator: Andrew Guilde Art: Isaac Perez PMB Comics, 2020 Schlock horror is the equivalent of eating out-of-date chocolate. You screw your nose up at the experience, feel mildly unwell, and are left wondering why you bothered. We may be a little snooty, but bad horror is not something to be encouraged. There is

Night Issue Zero (review)

Writers: Deain Akande and Julian Clay Art: João Bosco Released: January, 2021 The intersection between superheroes and horror is well-explored. Superheroes, at least at the point of their American genesis in the late 1930s, were crafted as kid-friendly fare. Time quickly passed, and creators endeavoured to differentiate their caped and masked character from other caped

Croak (review) or, “Look ahead only the future matters”

Writer: Cory Andrew Sousa Artists: Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O’Halloran Designer: Dezi Sienty Alterna Comics, 2017 IF YOU HOLD MY HAND I can take you to the spot where I found the camera. There is probably nothing there to see. The camera, though. You should look at that. On screen, before a silhouette shudders from the

Carthago (review)—“Reputation outlasts your passing”

Writer: Christophe Bec Artists: Eric Henninot, Milan Jovanovic Humanoids, 2016 NATURE SOMETIMES ALLOWS HUGE CREATURES, though most are long gone. Whales, giant redwoods, big dodo birds, maybe soon the whole Amazon forest are recent casualties within memory alongside ancient extinctions like the dinosaurs 66 million years ago downed by nuclear winter following an asteroid impact

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