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January 28, 2020



Scratcher #3 (Review)

Scratcher #3 Arbutus Films, November 2018 Writer: John Ward We have been following independently published horror title Scratcher since mid-2017. Our major complaint is that this excellent title is not published more often. In this third issue, the protagonist, a very talented tattoo artist named Dee, tracks down the third person she unknowingly tattooed with

Cold Spots # 1 (of 5) (Review)

Cold Spots # 1 (of 5) Image Comics, October 2018 Writer: Cullen Bunn Probably one of the creepiest comics we have read, Cold Spots is a horror story embodied in a quest. Arthur Warren dispatches a man named Kerr to find his daughter Alyssa and grand-daughter Grace, which is the essence of the quest. The

ghost beach

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story

Ghost Beach: a Storm Clouds story Writer and publisher: Ben Mitchell, 2017 What happens when everything around you gets incrementally darker, and there is nothing you can do about it but reluctantly join the darkness? And what if you were compelled to make this decision not at the gates of some murky supernatural hell, but

lizard men

Lizard Men #1-3 (Review)

Lizard Men #1-3 Comichaus, 2017-2018 Writer: Steve Horry This week we continue our exploration of fine, independently published comics with a review of Lizard Men #1-3. Skepticism with politics in the Western world is perhaps no less pronounced than in the United Kingdom. In the 2000s, Tony Blair’s metamorphosis from millenarial rockstar Prime Minister to

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