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12th August 2022

The Dancing Plague (review)

Creator: Gareth Brookes Self Made Man, 2021 Before we get to the subject matter of this surprisingly confronting comic, The Dancing Plague, we must first consider some of the marvellous artistic techniques used by its creator, Gareth Brookes. Mr Brookes’ education includes the study of printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London. A … Read more

The Rite #1 (review)

Writer: Aaron J. McGrath Artist: Hernan Gonzalez Colourist: Damian Felitte Letter: Nicholas Lepka December, 2021 The Rite #1 is an independent horror title released in December 2021. Here is the shortish promotional blurb from Amazon’s site: This single-issue story follows three hikers seeking adventure on a backpacking trip but finding something much darker lurking in … Read more