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23rd January 2022

Weird Western Adventures: Bea and James #1 (Review)

weird western adventures

Writer: Greg Boucher Artist: Justin Ayres Studio Stella Polaris, October 2020 Weird Western Adventures: Bea and James is an independently-published comic book from writer Greg Boucher, with illustration done by Justin Ayers. The words “weird western” in the title alludes to a specific sub-genre, where the elements of sci-fi are mixed in what is otherwise … Read more

Space Oddities #1 (review)

Writers: Ben Robinson and Jon Williams Artist: Jon Williams Independently published, March 2021 Space Oddities is a sci-fi adventure comic created by the effervescent duo of Ben Robinson and Jon Williams, with illustrations handled by the latter. (Messrs Robinson and Williams are well-known for their podcast, Geekxploration.) The comic is independently published and the first … Read more