World Comic Book Review

24th May 2023

Giga #5 (review)

Writer: Alex Paknadel Artist: John Lê Vault Comics, 2023 This science fiction title, conceptually to do with the interaction of artificial intelligence and ethics, with a dystopian landscape of ruined mechas thrown in for good measure, sadly nears its conclusion. We have previously reviewed the issues 1 through to 3 of this title: . … Read more

Black Mariah #2 (review)

Writer: Vesper Aeon Artist: Anna Foubert Independently published, 2022 We were recently contacted to review this science fiction comic, Black Mariah, and we were glad to do so. The story begins in a faraway space station called Storm Forge, described as the research and development headquarters of an arms manufacturer called Qualix Corporation. Qualix was … Read more