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May 7, 2021

World view

Gay Muslim Comic Strip disappears from Instagram after Indonesian outrage

An Instagram account, @Alpantuni, appeared in January 2019. It featured the description “Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think.” The account promoted a Bahasa Indonesian comic with themes to do with homosexuality and Islam.  It did not hold back in depicting Islamic homophobia: in one story, the major character being told to “burn

Sonny Liew, the Attack Dog, and Singapore’s historical comic book controversy

Comic book writers should spare a thought for colleagues in countries where politics intersects with creation. In this article, we look at a controversy which has arisen in Singapore pitting a comic book creator against its government. Singapore is a democracy with rule-of-law institutions inherited from its time as part of the British Empire. Singapore

Diplomatic Dispute between Japan and Mongolia over Gengis Khan Manga

The Japan Times reports that the 15 February 2018 edition of a manga entitled KoroKoro Comic, published by Shogakukan Inc, has been withdrawn from sale. The move was sparked by protests by Mongolian citizens living in Japan, and by a formal complaint to the Japanese Government from the charge d’affaires at the Mongolian Embassy in

Zan al ann (Review)

In September 2017, an Egyptian comic book fair, CairoComix Festival, celebrated its third birthday. The website Africanews.com quoted a local comic artist, Dina Mohamed, who was in attendance: “It is a great future however we already have a rich past with comics. You can see ‘Samir’ comic here from the 1960’s. We do have heritage

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