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29th June 2022

Embroderies (review): Marjan Satrapi’s tale of women, sewing and surgery hits many powerful chords.

Creator: Marjane Satrapi Jonathan Cape, 2008 If you’ve ever seen or heard of anything from Marjane Satrapi, it’s probably her groundbreaking work Persepolis which was a graphic novel and then a cartoon movie. Maybe it’s Chicken with Plums, which she adapted into a live action film, but if you’ve seen or heard of the latter, … Read more

Rebel Rebel: The Graphic Biography of David Bowie

Creator: Con Chrisoulis Independently published, August 2020 MINIATURIZED REPRESENTATIVE ART in painting and figures, often fashioned in jewelry and worn as a talisman, at times achieves an incredible veracity to detail to portray the likeness of the original subject, like a tiny ship in a bottle. This is the perfect effect in the graphic panels … Read more

Picture a Favela (revisited)

Creators : André Diniz & Maurício Hora Publisher (English edition) : SelfMadeHero Year : 2011 (original Portuguese) – 2012 (English edition) What a favela is does not take long to answer: a place where people with next to no money live. Poverty abounds, then, and where poverty rules, so rule criminality, ignorance, brutality and ugliness; … Read more