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September 27, 2020


Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels #1 (of 3) (Review)

Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels #1 (of 3) Arcana Studios, September 2017 Writer: Erik Hendrix Prostitution, and escort services more broadly, provide a lifestyle which can hard to shake off. Many workers in the industry, fortunate or clever enough to be in working scenarios where they avoid excessive drug use and violence, can find it hard

Moonshine Volume One (Review)

Moonshine Volume Now Written by Brian Azzarello Publisher: Image Comics Trade Paperback, May 2017 We here at World Comic Book Review covered  issue 5 of  Brian Azzarello’s series Moonshine from American publisher Image Comics , but the trade paperback, which collected the first six issues, is worth a look on its own.  As good as a single

Beautiful Canvas #1 (Review)

Beautiful Canvas #1 Black Mask Studios, July 2017 Writer: Ryan K Lindsay Beautiful Canvas from American publisher Black Mask Studios opens with a dead body looking directly at the protagonist. “You’re overthinking it,” the corpse says, blood still exiting the bullet wound in his head. His words are as prophetic for the reader as they

Note by Note: Jazz Maynard #1

Jazz Maynard #1 Written by Raule Publisher: Dargaud, 2015 (Original Publisher) Lion Forge Comics, June 2017 Like the character it’s named after, creators Raule and Roger’s Jazz Maynard has been around the block. First published in 2015 under the French publisher Dargaud, the series was then translated into English under Europe Comics, an alliance of

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