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“When critics are really good writers, it’s nice whether they like your work or not.”

— Gail Simone

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June 26, 2017

Note by Note: Jazz Maynard #1

Jazz Maynard #1 Written by Raule Publisher: Dargaud, 2015 (Original Publisher) Lion Forge Comics, June 2017 Like the character it’s named after, creators Raule and Roger’s Jazz Maynard has been around the block. First published in 2015 under the French publisher Dargaud, the series was then translated into English under Europe Comics, an alliance of


Lobo / Road Runner Special (Review)

Lobo/Road Runner Special DC Comics, June 2017 Writer: Bill Morrison Anyone with passing familiarity with the starring characters of this new title will understandably be immediately skeptical. American publisher DC Comics’ new “Lobo/Road Runner Special” comic sounds ghastly. In the past few months DC Comics has launched a creative initiative that pairs its superhero genre

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Scratcher #1 (Review)

Scratcher #1 Arbutus Films, 2017 Writer: John Ward By way of monumental understatement, this new comic by writer John Ward is concerned with tattoos. Humans have long tattooed their skins. “Otzi” was discovered in the Italian Alps near the Austrian border in 1991 by German tourists.The man was wounded by an arrow and died while


Bane: Conquest #1-2 (Review)

Bane: Conquest #1-2 DC Comics, May-June 2017 Writer: Chuck Dixon “Bane: Conquest” is a new comic book maxi-series from American publisher DC Comics. The title focuses on the villain “Bane,” who is a regular adversary of DC’s popular Batman character. Bane is notable for being one of the catalyst of the now notorious “Knightfall” storyline

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