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Tag: Justice League

DC House of Horror (review)

DC House of Horror DC Comics, October 2017 Writers: Various (Edward Lee, Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Ronald Malfi, Brian Smith & Brian Keene, Wrath James

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Superman #15 (Review)

Superman #15 (review) DC Comics, March 2017 Writer: Peter J TomasiThe cover to this issue of “Superman” depicts the globally-famous caped and omnipotent superhero clutching,

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Squadron Supreme #1

“Squadron Supreme #1” Marvel Comics, December 2015 Writer: James Robinson Review by Neil Raymundo, 28 December 2015 It is safe to assume that US publisher

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Urban Architecture in Comic Books

Modern building materials and advanced design has meant that urban architecture, generally, has become bigger and more ambitious. Structures which seemed enormously grand in the

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