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29th June 2022


The Dancing Plague (review)

Creator: Gareth Brookes Self Made Man, 2021 Before we get to the subject matter of this surprisingly confronting comic, The Dancing Plague, we must first consider some of the marvellous artistic techniques used by its creator, Gareth Brookes. Mr Brookes’ education includes the study of printmaking at the Royal College...

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Happy 80th Birthday, Two-Face

Two-Face is not a very original character. A criminal, half-scarred, with psychotic tendencies? Another madman in the queue of Batman’s long line of adversaries, and not a potent one at that. Two-Face is a remarkably original character. Batman’s enemy Two-Face had his first appearance in Detective Comics #66, August 1942...

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Disappearance Diary (review)

Writer/Artist : Hideo Azuma Translators : Kumar Sivasubramanian & Elizabeth Tiernan Publisher : Ponent Mon, 2005 Depression, a concept we are so used to nowadays, is that kind of feeling that leads to a complete numbness of our mental capacity. There seems to be no easy way out, in such...

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Vs (review)

Writer: Ivan Brandon Artists: Esad Ribic, Nic Klein Image Comics, 2018 THE ART DREW MY EYE from the start. VS covers and alternate covers all share a fine eye for design, including the bold yet nearly invisible logo in outline, and precise, sleek illustration that looks in its city scenes...

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Savage Avengers #1 (Review)

Writer: David Pepose Artist: Carols Magno Marvel Comics, May 2022 Savage Avengers is a new comic book series published by US superhero publisher Marvel Comics, and penned by David Pepose. Mr Pepose has an impressive resume of recent comic book works that includes the Spencer & Locke mini-series and the...

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Vale George Perez (1954-2022)

On 20 May 2022 George Perez passed away. Mr Perez had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. For many longstanding readers of American comic books, Perez debris – cracked or granulated stone – was an indicia of a 1980s childhood lost in the world of superheroes. Mr Perez’s panels were peppered...

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