World Comic Book Review

4th February 2023


POISON IVY (review)—”Seduced by life and death”

Writer: G. Willow Wilson Artists: Marcio Takara, Arif Prianto DC Comics, June 2022 AN ALIEN GARDENER arriving to cultivate the planet would have to worry first about the human infestation. Even humans, supposedly rational, in a mass look like a flourishing plant species, a fungal bloom overpowering everything around it....

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Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1 (review)

“Gone Dark” Writer: Nicole MainesArtist: Skylar Patridge “Electric” Writer: C.S. PacatArtist: Scott Godlewski “Breakthrough” Writer: Frank BarbiereArtist: Sami Basri “Deus Ex Magicka” Writer: Leah WilliamsArtist: Marguerite Sauvage DC Comics, March 2023 With the world in chaos and Lazarus raining from the skies, the Earth’s protectors from Krypton are hit hard....

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Black Mariah #2 (review)

Writer: Vesper Aeon Artist: Anna Foubert Independently published, 2022 We were recently contacted to review this science fiction comic, Black Mariah, and we were glad to do so. The story begins in a faraway space station called Storm Forge, described as the research and development headquarters of an arms manufacturer...

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White Savior #1 (review)

Writers: Eric Nyugen and Scott Burman Art: Eric Nguyen Dark Horse Comics, January 2023 An ancient prophecy foretold of an outsider that would save the peaceful village of Inoki from an unstoppable army–a man who would confuse the people at first with his unconventional ways, but lead them to the...

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Echolands Volume 1 (hardcover) review

J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman – creators Dave Stewart – colourist Todd Klein – letter Image Comics, 2022 In a bizarre future world that has forgotten its history, a reckless thief, Hope Redhood, holds the key to excavating its dark, strange past—if only she and her crew can...

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GENU volume 1 (review)

Creators: Tommaso Todesca, Alex Franquelli, Giulio Tomassy Markosia Enterprises Ltd; Illustrated edition (20 April 2020) ** We, Homo Sapiens, represent the evolutionary zenith of the genus Homo: we have created scientific and technological miracles in less than 300,000 years. Before us, however, another Homo species lived on Earth for almost...

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Seven to Eternity (review)

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Jerome Opeña Image Comics, 2017-2021 Over at the AiPT review site,, critic Ken Petti makes the following observation about Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña’s comic, Seven to Eternity: “As I think about this book, I can’t help but compare it to Saga, by Brian K. Vaughn and...

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ALL GUTS, NO GLORY (review)—”Try to say no”

Writer: Ralph Tedesco Artists: Jordi Tarragona, Guillermo Fajardo, Walter Pereyra Zenescope, January 2022 BEEN CRUISING BACK-ALLEY scenes lately, haunting those small clubs behind dark portals in brick façades: inside shadowed, packed, humming. Just ripe. Rhythms of the night depend on these holes in the wall. Blood rises. I creep toward...

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Decorum (hardcover) (review)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Mike Huddleston Image Comics, 2022 Staying in the shadow of Shakespeare’s rebuilt Globe Theatre in Southwark on the Thames, your reviewer picked up the collected edition of the science fiction title Decorum at a comic shop on a recent business trip to London, and then spent...

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