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March 19, 2019

Beastlands #1 (review)

Beastlands #1Infinity Studios / Scout Comics, March 2019Writer: Curtis Clow Picture this: a young boy with an ever-loyal exotic animal companion which will protect him from harm, and will follow him to the ends of the earth. It is a very old fantasy – the faithful beast, powerful, dangerous, and adoring, no doubt rooted in


The Resurrected #5 (Review)

The Resurrected #5Carnouche Productions, March 2019Writer: Christian Carnouche We have been following Australian writer Christian Carnouche’s independently-published title The Resurrected for some time, and with this fifth issue the title reaches a conclusion. For a summary of the plot and the issues of treatment of Australian Aboriginal people which the title addresses, please follow this link. As


Ax Man #1 (review)

Ax Man #1March 2019Writer: Ryan Little While we frequently explore horror titles, World Comic Book Review does not write about zombie-led plots very often. The success of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead in the early 2000s spawned an enormous zombie horror sub-genre, much of which we think is a waste of time (including, perhaps controversially, Marvel Zombies).  And


Drugs and Wires: Down in a Hole (review) (volume 1)

Drugs and Wires: Down in a Hole (volume 1)September 2018 (collection)Writer: Mary Safro “Reactivating it’s out of the question, though. Not until I find some way to scrub the worm.”“So the thing’s still sitting in your ‘ware, huh. Hey, why don’t you come down to my shop tomorrow? I’ll fire up the ol’ angle grinder


The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 (Review)

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1DC Comics, May 2018Writer: Scott Snyder Batman seems to have a very bad case of parallel universe problems. After the initial exploration of this in the Metal storyline in early 2018 (some of which we reviewed), American writer Scott Snyder introduces us to a new parallel universe version of Batman, called

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Doomsday Clock #9 (Review)

Doomsday Clock #9DC Comics, May 2019Writer: Geoff Johns With this new issue, DC Comics’ headline writer Geoff Johns continues his integration of Alan Moore’s seminal title Watchmen into DC Comics’ regular superhero continuity.  Over a year ago, we discussed whether re-writing Watchmen is a cardinal sin. We concluded that if one is to sin, then one should do it well


NeXt Gen #1 (review)

NeXt Gen #1Marvel Comics, April 2019Writer: Ed Brisson This story is concerned with a parallel universe of Marvel Comics’ mainstream reality: one which is a utopia for mutant superheroes. The mutants, NeXtGen, are fairly typical teenagers, squabbling amongst themselves, teasing each other, and picking on the kids who would prefer their own company. The major

World view

Gay Muslim Comic Strip disappears from Instagram after Indonesian outrage

An Instagram account, @Alpantuni, appeared in January 2019. It featured the description “Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think.” The account promoted a Bahasa Indonesian comic with themes to do with homosexuality and Islam.  It did not hold back in depicting Islamic homophobia: in one story, the major character being told to “burn

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The Barack Panther v The Tremendous Trump (review)

The Barack Panther v The Tremendous TrumpAntarctic Press, 2018Writer: Kelsey Shannon This is a bizarre comic. It imagines former US President Barack Obama as Marvel Comics’ costumed superhero Black Panther, fighting current US President Donald Trump. Mr Trump in this comic consumes a Cheez-Toes and transforms into an orange parody of Marvel Comics’ character the

Science fiction

Aliens: Resistance #1 (review)

Aliens: Resistance #1Dark Horse Comics, January 2019Writer: Brian Wood This title builds upon the stories of previous titles: Alien: Isolation, and Aliens: Defiance. We have previously reviewed the second of those titles back in 2016. Writer Brian Wood has his two heroes from both stories, Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, join forces. Hendricks and Ripley have been traumatised


Young Justice #1 (review)

Young Justice #1DC Comics, March 2019Writer: Brian Michael Bendis American writer Brian Michael Bendis appears to have been given both authorial and curatorial control over a new DC Comics imprint: “Wonder Comics”. This apparently might-hearted imprint includes the titles Naomi, Wonder Twins, Dial H for Hero, and this title, Young Justice. It is fun but primarily for long term

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