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February 22, 2019

Gay Muslim Comic Strip disappears from Instagram after Indonesian outrage

An Instagram account, @Alpantuni, appeared in January 2019. It featured the description “Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think.” The account promoted a Bahasa Indonesian comic with themes to do with homosexuality and Islam.  It did not hold back in depicting Islamic homophobia: in one story, the major character being told to “burn


The Barack Panther v The Tremendous Trump (review)

The Barack Panther v The Tremendous TrumpAntarctic Press, 2018Writer: Kelsey Shannon This is a bizarre comic. It imagines former US President Barack Obama as Marvel Comics’ costumed superhero Black Panther, fighting current US President Donald Trump. Mr Trump in this comic consumes a Cheez-Toes and transforms into an orange parody of Marvel Comics’ character the

Science fiction

Aliens: Resistance #1 (review)

Aliens: Resistance #1Dark Horse Comics, January 2019Writer: Brian Wood This title builds upon the stories of previous titles: Alien: Isolation, and Aliens: Defiance. We have previously reviewed the second of those titles back in 2016. Writer Brian Wood has his two heroes from both stories, Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, join forces. Hendricks and Ripley have been traumatised

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Young Justice #1 (review)

Young Justice #1DC Comics, March 2019Writer: Brian Michael Bendis American writer Brian Michael Bendis appears to have been given both authorial and curatorial control over a new DC Comics imprint: “Wonder Comics”. This apparently might-hearted imprint includes the titles Naomi, Wonder Twins, Dial H for Hero, and this title, Young Justice. It is fun but primarily for long term


The White Druid and Michael Nero #1 (Review)

The White Druid and Michael Nero #1Omen Comics, May 2019Writers: Michael Nunneley (plot) and Steve Sellers In August 2016, we wrote about Warren Ellis’ use of the concept of the “cunning man” in his title Injection. Cunning folk, as described in this dissertation published by the University of Warwick, performed good deeds upon request, using spells and


Takahashi’s work honoured with French award

On Thursday this week, Japanese manga creator Rumiko Takahashi won the prestigious Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême at the France’s biggest graphic novel convention, the Angouleme Comics Festival. Ms Takahashi is one of the most read authors in the world. She has witten more than two hundred volumes since the beginning of her career in 1978,

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Franco-Belgian/Ligne Claire

Matteo Book One: 1814-1915 (review)

Matteo Book One: 1814-1915EuroComics (IDW Publishing), November 2018Writer: Jean-Pierre Gibrat This beautiful comic is the English language translation of Matteo: Premiere Epoque published in 2012. It is concerned with the jealousy-fueled adventures of a Spanish refugee named Matteo Cortes, living as a farm labourer in the beautiful seaside town of Collioure on the French side of Catalonia.


Fairlaine the Goblin in the Winglands (vol. 6) and Fairlaine the Goblin: The Final Land (vol. 7)

Fairlaine the Goblin in the Winglands (volume 6) and Fairlaine the Goblin: The Final Land (volume 7) September 2018 Writer: Pug Grumble Once again, we look at the adventures of Fairlaine the Goblin, his tink (robot) companion Drowsy, and the hapless tree named Ehrwenwort which Fairlaine and Drowsy are endeavouring to safely plant. In 2017


Dunce #1-4 (Review)

Dunce #1-4Self-published, 2016-2018Writer: Jens K Styve The Sproing Award is annually awarded by the Norwegian comic-book literary society Norsk Tegneserieforum. Jens Styve’s comic strip Dunce was nominated for the award in 2018, and won. This is not the first award Mr Styve has won for Dunce. Dunce was Mr Styve’s entry for a comic strip competition run in 2016 by Norwegian

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