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January 24, 2019

Franco-Belgian/Ligne Claire

Matteo Book One: 1814-1915 (review)

Matteo Book One: 1814-1915EuroComics (IDW Publishing), November 2018Writer: Jean-Pierre Gibrat This beautiful comic is the English language translation of Matteo: Premiere Epoque published in 2012. It is concerned with the jealousy-fueled adventures of a Spanish refugee named Matteo Cortes, living as a farm labourer in the beautiful seaside town of Collioure on the French side of Catalonia.


Fairlaine the Goblin in the Winglands (vol. 6) and Fairlaine the Goblin: The Final Land (vol. 7)

Fairlaine the Goblin in the Winglands (volume 6) and Fairlaine the Goblin: The Final Land (volume 7) September 2018 Writer: Pug Grumble Once again, we look at the adventures of Fairlaine the Goblin, his tink (robot) companion Drowsy, and the hapless tree named Ehrwenwort which Fairlaine and Drowsy are endeavouring to safely plant. In 2017


Dunce #1-4 (Review)

Dunce #1-4Self-published, 2016-2018Writer: Jens K Styve The Sproing Award is annually awarded by the Norwegian comic-book literary society Norsk Tegneserieforum. Jens Styve’s comic strip Dunce was nominated for the award in 2018, and won. This is not the first award Mr Styve has won for Dunce. Dunce was Mr Styve’s entry for a comic strip competition run in 2016 by Norwegian

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Science fiction

Prodigy # 1 (Review)

Prodigy # 1Image Comics / Millarworld, December 2018Writer: Mark Millar “Will to power” is a self-improvement concept courtesy of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900): the idea that by sheer force of will, a person can achieve their ultimate potential. Within comics, this relentlessness usually comes linked to startling intellect – Ozymandias in Alan Moore’s Watchmen, DC


The Immortal Hulk #9 (Review)

The Immortal Hulk #9 (review) Marvel Comics, January 2019 Writer: Al Ewing There are two categories of readers that followed Bruce Jones’s stint on The Incredible Hulk #34-76 from 2001-2005: a.       Committed readers of the Hulk’s adventures. The character was created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Hulk involves a scientist, Dr Bruce Banner, being

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Fantastic Four #5 (Review) – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters

Fantastic Four #5 – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writer: Dan Slott Weddings in American superhero comics are usually ill-omened. Batman was recently left at the aisle by Catwoman; The Flash (Wally West) had his wedding to Linda Park interrupted by the villainous Abra Kadabra; Wolverine’s first wedding

Science fiction

Alien3 #1-2

Alien3 #1-2 Dark Horse Comics, November- December 2018 Writer: William Gibson A few months ago, we became so excited about the prospect of William Gibson’s “lost” (or at least, neglected) script for the third Alien movie being turned into a comic that we did not wait to write a review. Here is that belated critique.


Avengers #11 (Review)

Avengers #11 Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writers: Mike Morales, Ed McGuinness, and Cory Smith The cover to this comic features the Marvel Comics superhero characters Thor and Hulk (usually, “She-Hulk”) in a passionate embrace, framed by lightning. Part of this issue of The Avengers is concerned with this blossoming romance, in the form of a


Operation: Boom! #1-3 v. Detective Comics #443 – “Gotterdammerung!” (comparative review)

Reckless Hero, 2018 (Operation: Boom!) DC Comics, 1973 (Gotterdammerung!) Writers: Archie Goodwin (Gotterdammerung!) Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins (Operation: Boom!) The superhero genre much suited to posturing, capes flapping in a wind, primary colours ablaze in a sunrise. In terms of action, the genre prefers either: 1. pitched chess piece melees, with platoons of costumed

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