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July 12, 2024 12:46 am

Rat City #1 (review)

Writer: Erica Schultz Line work: Zé Carlos Colours: Jay David Ramos (pages 1-20), FCO Plascencia (pages 21-24) and Marcello Iozolli (pages 25-32). Letters: Erica Schultz Image Comics, April 2024. I’ll tell you right off the bat, I love the Spawn universe. It started with the film adaptation back in my 20s, and then with the comics about 10 years ago. Incredibly for this modern age, Spawn is actually still being published monthly and has over 350 issues under its belt. I read the first couple of hundred issues, and a few spin-offs, until my ADHD got the better of me, and I haven’t read any Spawn related titles since. But then I heard that Erica Schultz was writing a new spin-off, and it’s no secret that Erica is one of my favourite writers and I’ve pretty much read everything she has written. According to Spawn’s creator, Todd McFarlane, this ongoing

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Barking (review)

Creator: Lucy Sullivan Avery Hill Press, 2024 Barking is the story of a woman named Alix Otto, who is institutionalised after being pulled by police from a pedestrian overpass, where she had been contemplating suicide. We were initially unsure how to categorise the title, and reluctantly went with “Non-fiction”, “Slice of Life” and “United Kingdom”, even though: a. the events depicted in the story could happen anywhere, and are not particular to the United Kingdom; and b. the circumstances leading to and including the protagonist’s time hospitalised are bleak, and do not come with the usual urbanity associated with “slice of life” stories. This is a story about mental health, not about a meandering Sunday on Portobello Road. This is publisher Avery Hill Press’ promotional copy: A year after the death of her friend, Alix’s depression and grief still hound her in this personally-inspired graphic novel.Loopy . . . cuckoo

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G.O.D.S. #6 (review)

Jonathan Hickman – writer Valerio Schiti – artist Marvel Comics, May 2024 This comic was published a few months ago now, but it has placed

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Redcoat #1 (review)

Co-creators: Geoff Johns / Bryan Hitch Image Comics / Ghost Machine, April 2024 “A British villain”, notes the beginning credits to the first Deadpool movie,

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Space Ghost #1 (Review)

Writer: David PeposeArt: Jonathan LauPublisher: Dynamite ComicsPublication Date: May, 2024 Comic book readers of the same age as this reviewer may be familiar with the

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All Tomorrow’s Parties (review)

Creator: Koren Shadmi Humanoids, August 2023 This title is a harsh, embarrassing, wonderful documentary. All Tomorrow’s Parties details the rise and fall of avant-garde 1960s

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