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June 14, 2024 6:28 pm

ORPHANS OF THE IMPACT WINTER (review)—“Trying hard to be not yet gone”

Story: Lee A. Carlisle Art: Ross Carlisle, Marina Gonçalves, Marco Ventura Independent 2022 AN ODDLY MOVING dreamscape in a wasted world flickers in and out as one wades into ORPHANS OF THE IMPACT WINTER, a brief single tale that opens with gray panels scanning a sprawl of broken buildings and derelict machines on the outskirts of a cordoned city. Zoom in on a boy and his dog out scavenging for supplies, and the panels shift into squiggly cartoon colors, like waking up with a smile to start your day no matter what, the way the heart views it, in the zone, exposing alien architecture, strange beasts, shiny outfits, and a cheerful step. The dog walks upright like your pal, and talks, though appropriately, none of the talk comes out intelligible, except to the boy. It doesn’t get much better than this. Except the moon is breaking up and is way

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ROUTE 666 (revisited) — “Desperate times call for desperate measures”

Writer: Tony Bedard Artists: Karl Moline, Nick Bell et al. CrossGen Comics, July 2002 – June 2004 SHE DIES. You cruise along at a steady 66 miles per hour swerving around bad guys maybe take a short nap or let someone else drive if you manage to find someone else to stay alive long enough to drive this highway to hell with you on ROUTE 666 where the speed thrills and at last you have to know kills. She is the only one who sees the monsters disguised as normal people. Now they know she sees them, things get dangerous. Others sometimes pretend to see them, going along for their own reasons. She needs help, but trust is not easy. Get away—hit the highway. This is where I found her, filling up at a service station in the middle of nowhere, before she took off again one step ahead of

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Space Ghost #1 (Review)

Writer: David PeposeArt: Jonathan LauPublisher: Dynamite ComicsPublication Date: May, 2024 Comic book readers of the same age as this reviewer may be familiar with the

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All Tomorrow’s Parties (review)

Creator: Koren Shadmi Humanoids, August 2023 This title is a harsh, embarrassing, wonderful documentary. All Tomorrow’s Parties details the rise and fall of avant-garde 1960s

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Local Man Issue #1 (review)

Written by Tony Fleecs and Illustrated by Tim Seely Image Comics, February 2024 An enthralling crime noir superhero drama that is the culmination of the

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Urlan, Cosmic Cat (review)

Writers: Valentina Kay , Daniele Bonfanti  Art: ChatGPT / Dalle Bee Lab Studios, February 2024 Urlan Cosmic Cat is a brand-new comic book “experiment,” published by Bee

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