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4th October 2022

X-Men: Red #1 (review)

Writer: Al Ewing Artists: Stefano Caselli and Federico Blee Marvel Comics. June, 2022 At the outset: an apology. This critique mentions the names of characters and various backstories which a new reader looking for some objective narrative will not follow. In that sense, our critique entirely resembles the object of its scrutiny – it is … Read more

What If…? Omnibus Volume 1 and 2 (review) —“Tangents touch barely once and go”

Writers: Peter B. Gillis et al. Pencilers: Herb Trimpe et al. Marvel Comics, 2021 – 2022 IMAGINARY WORLDS COLLIDE wherever creatures flourish crying me me me over you you you while us us us turn every which way more or less uncomfortably comfortable together toward multiple futures. This is the jangled feeling of presences and … Read more

Wolverine: Patch #1 (review)

Writer: Larry Hama Artists: Andrea Di Vito and Le Beau Underwood  Marvel Comics, March 2022 Welcome to Madripoor, a seedy fictional substitute for the city-state of Singapore, perhaps, or perhaps more like Shanghai in the 1930s. Singapore after all is a highly regulated, benevolent police state. Shanghai in the 1930s was run by a conglomerate … Read more

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Promises Never to Kill Off Batman

Los Angeles, April 1, 2022: In an exclusive interview with WCBR, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Chester B. Cebulski has stated that he has imposed a perpetual ban on Marvel writers and editors killing off the iconic superhero, Batman, in any of Marvel’s publications. “We have formed a view – and listened to our readership – that … Read more