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October 19, 2020

Green Lantern

Green Arrow #20 (review)

Green Arrow #20 DC Comics, April 2017 Writer: Ben Percey This cover and the panel from Green Lantern #85 depict one of the most controversial moments in American publisher DC Comics’ history. Here, in a story written by Denny O’Neil, the teen sidekick of superhero Green Arrow is revealed as a heroin user. The story,

The Oppressive Stink: Justice League #1 Rebirth – Directors’ Cut

“Justice League #1 Rebirth – Directors’ Cut” DC Comics, December 2016 Writer: Bryan Hitch Most people have heard of London’s famous river, the Thames. Another prominent river in London was called the Fleet River (Fleet Street, the home of London’s newspaper industry, is named after the Fleet River). During Roman times, the Fleet River was

Green Lantern #50-#51: Parallax Error (Review)

Green Lantern #50-#51 DC Comics, March, April 2016 Writer: Robert Venditti In his book “Come in Alone” (AIT/Planet Lar, 2001), British writer Warren Ellis furiously laments the brand loyalties of readers of superhero comics, such that some of them publicly admit on message boards that they would rather read poorly-written material about favourite characters than

Nothing Alien Here

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion 1 DC Comics, March 2016 Writer: Tom Taylor Review by DG Stewart, 18 January 2016 The Green Lantern Corps is a concept which borrows heavily from EE “Doc” Smith’s science fiction classics, known as The Lensmen series (1937-1960). The stories of both are founded on the idea that deep

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