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Our Top Ten Favourite Comic Book Infographics in 2016

Infographics are a visually engaging, sometimes clever, and usually innovative way of projecting information. There have been some excellent infographics published in respect of comic books (and related media) recently. Here are our top ten, in reverse order. (Where we have been able to credit the creators, we have done so.) The only shame of these is that the concepts almost exclusively relate to the titles of the two big US publishers, DC Comics and Marvel Comics. If readers are aware of any others, especially relating to other publishers, please let us know.

10. The DC Comics Facial Hair and Beard Styles : The Mighty Marvel Facial Hair and Beard Styles
Creator: Shamus Beyale


This is a fun image, which makes you realise that DC Comics’ character, tough guy assassin Deathstroke, really needs to shave.

9. Visualising the Deaths and Resurrections of the Most Iconic Superheroes
Creator: Tim Leong, Comics Foundry
(as reported in Wired Magazine, 17 June 2013)


An excellent capture of the torturous deaths and rebirths of superheroes (albeit one already a little out of date). Some characters are simply not permitted to die.

8. Urban Architecture in Comic Books
Creator: DG Stewart and Charmaine Cave

Urban Architecture in Comic Books.

This infographic, with a lack of modesty, is one of ours, designed by the talented Charmaine Cave. Lex Luthor (DC Comics) and Tony Stark (Marvel Comics) compete in this infographic in who has the bigger phallic symbol, but ultimately the government agency SHIELD (Marvel Comics) wins the contest. (This infographic is capable of being expanded into extreme detail.)

7. Data Visualizations of Every Avengers Comic Ever
Creator: Jer Thorp


The sheer amount of data which has gone into this infographic is extraordinary. Only a committed Avengers fan could have achieved such a detailed analysis encapsulating both plots and characters.

6. Unhappy Fates of Comic Book Satellite Headquarters
Creator: DG Stewart and Charmaine Cave

Again, another one of ours, demonstrating that setting up shop in space as a superhero isn’t a very safe thing to do.

5. Marvel Superheroes Height Comparison / DC Heroes Height Comparison
Marvel version: Creator: Kate Willeart (From
DC Version:

In the interests of publisher neutrality, we have let two infographics these have joint fifth place.

dc infographic

marvel infographic

Marvel Comics’ character Wolverine is always depicted as reasonably short. Looking at this fun infographic makes you question the common sense of fighting the Hulk when you are barely five foot tall.

4. Batman Physics
Creator: DEHAH

batman physics

This infographic is more than just a visual exploration of jumping from a balcony while wearing a mask and cape: the mathematics of the exercise are included as well.

3. The History of Batman’s Utility Belts

Another infographic relating to Batman and another one from This visualisation demonstrates that Batman is an early adopter of esoteric technology.

batman belt physics

2. Comic Book to Live Action Timeline, 1938- 2018
Creator: Dave Columbus


This is a beautiful, enormous infographic which must have taken a monumental amount of time to create. We tip our hat to designer Dave Columbus for his raw enthusiasm.

1. Caped Competition
Creator: The Economist magazine

Finally, our favourite infographic – and from a very unlikely source. The Economist is a weekly magazine published out of England, dealing with world current affairs and finances. In this clear, crisp infographic The Economist compares the profitability of every movie based upon a DC Comics or Marvel Comics character or characters, over a time period of 1978 to 2013.

1 infographic