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12th August 2022

A Space Oddity (review)

Writer and artist: Owen Heitman Amplified Press, 2016 and 2022 Some months ago, in furtherance of both better promoting independent comics publishers and indulging in unabashed parochialism, we undertook to spend more time focussing on Australian comic books (see ). Attending the Perth Comic Art Festival today, a bustling hive of independent comic vendors … Read more

Happy 20th birthday, The Power Company (and a nostalgic look at the long-lost DCMBs)

Writer: Kurt Busiek Art: Tom Grummett DC Comics, 2002 Back in 2002, long before the days of social media platforms, American publisher DC Comics operated a message board antecedent to its main website. Several creators frequented the DCMBs, as these message boards were known, mostly to help generate sales but also to interact with the … Read more

King of Spies v. Desolation Jones (comparative review)

Writer (King of Spies): Mark Miller Artist (King of Spies): Matteo Scalera Image Comics / (Netflix / Millarworld), 2021-2022 Writer (Desolation Jones): Warren Ellis Artist (Desolation Jones): J. H. Williams III and José Villarrubia Wildstorm, 2005-2007 Writer and former spy Ian Fleming’s famous fictional character, James Bond, has been haunting our cinemas and televisions for … Read more