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Un/Sacred Volume 2 (review) —“My sweet wings need your hot spices right now”

Writers: Mirka Andolfo and David Goy

Artists: Mirka Andolfo and various others

Ablaze, September 2021

PANDERING TO PRURIENCE once in a while has to be all right. Papa says no, honey, but come on, no one can no what we know. Peppy pop songs continue to drown us in these dramas of incipient love. Better sex will save us my twenty-something son tells me like a holy secret only angels know, though I presume every twenty-something organism since the beginning of time has had the same idea. By now we have seen it all, and yet here it is, the love of sex and sex of love retrieved in living color in UN/SACRED Volume 2 by writers Mirka Andolfo and David Goy, accompanied by a raft of changing artists splendidly bobbing along through streams of goodness and badness wrapped in cartoons. It’s sweet. Twisted emotions zip one way and another like true love too jangled to think straight, inspired from on high, or down below, baby.

Those devils sure get mad. Angels, too. Often I understand their complaints exactly. Been there. Comedy brushes against real experiences and sometimes warns one away from being stupid. Ha ha. Don’t do that ever.

Un/Sacred Vol. 2 (2020) Chapter 1 - Page 4

The playful expressiveness in the art sucked me in from the start. The initial art team included Mirka Andolfo, Gabriele Bagnoli, Pedro Perez, and Federica Salfo. The fourth issue diversified with two mini-stories that allowed a blend of artists to strut their stuff at a fast clip, mythologizing or rather riotizing family life with a loving mum and dad and brutish cutish kidlings. The next issue, the artists changed again, the time changed, and art by the local Pander Brothers, a favorite flavor for me, showed up on one of the alternate covers. Everyone seems to want a piece of the fun.

This maxim applies inside the story as well. I want it now. None of the action is made to drool over or only a little, surrounded by comical exaggerations, and horns and fangs. I found the characters kept excited enough for both of us. Indeed, I only just realize for these writers and artists and their characters, it must be me they want to attract, I am the prize awaiting their desires at the end of the day reaching to embrace me and welcome me to stay. I say submit. Take me.

Un/Sacred Vol. 2 (2020) Chapter 1 - Page 5

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