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May 7, 2021

Posts by: Terry Hammond


Writer: Justin Jordan Art: Donal Delay Image Comics, Valentine’s Day, 2018 FACE IT YOU KNOW how it feels. Love hates you. You are a complete clod, a horrible fraud, totally clumsy and inept, and not in a cute way. People rappel away from you, gravity exhales around you in flushing torrents, and eventually you want

Rocket Girl Volumes 1 and 2 (review) – A world’s fate rests on you

Writer: Brandon Montclare Art: Amy Reeder Image Comics, 2014 and 2017 RHYMES AND REASONS FOR ROMANCE PERSIST. Placing a young teen girl in a skin-tight flightsuit would not usually appeal to me, due to the improbability, feels cooked-up for a market demographic, which appears to be exactly how the time traveler police girl from the

The Marvel Art of Conan the Barbarian (review) – “Poke Me One More Time Please”

Various writers and artists Marvel Comics, 2019 Holiday season this year was weird, maybe for you, too, so you might have missed that one gift you really wanted, which is this book, THE MARVEL ART OF CONAN THE BARBARIAN. It features a starring range of covers from years as barbarian, king, adventurer, and a few

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