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Lucifer #1 (review)

Lucifer #1 Vertigo Comics, November 2018 Writer: Dan Watters Vertigo Comics has relaunched one of its heritage titles, Lucifer. This was always going to be

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books of magic

Books of Magic # 1 (Review)

Books of Magic #1 Vertigo Comics, November 2018 Writer: Kat Howard Back in 1990, fantasy writer Neil Gaiman was recruited by American comic book publisher

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Hungry Ghosts #1 (Review)

Hungry Ghosts #1 Berger Books, January 2018 Writers: Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose Hungry Ghosts is a new horror anthology comic book series from Berger Books.

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Savage Things #1 (review)

Savage Things #1 Vertigo Comics, March 2017 Writer: Justin Jordan In the 1963 paper titled “The Threat to Kill,” psychiatrist J.M. Macdonald proposed the concept

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Lucifer #13 (review)

Lucifer #13 Vertigo, December 21, 2016 Writers: Holly Black, Richard Kadrey We reviewed the 1st issue of DC Comics’ 2016 relaunch of the Lucifer comic

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Return of the Morningstar

Lucifer #1 (2016 series) [review] DC Comic, December 2015 Writer: Holly Black Review by Neil Raymundo, 21 December 2015. In April 1989, the fourth issue

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