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September 21, 2020


Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye (Review)

Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye Marvel Comics, August 2017 Writer: Kelly Thompson “Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye” is another installment in American publisher Marvel Comics’ new line of single publications that feature super heroes of the same name interacting with each other. The pairings tend to occur through the use of time travel, with the newer characters

Hawkeye #1 (review)

Hawkeye #1 Marvel Comics, December 14, 2016 Writer: Kelly Thompson “Hawkeye” #1 is a new series from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics that revolves around an archer superhero. But this title focuses on the third (and the first female) character to bear the name, Kate Bishop. This is a change: “Hawkeye” is ordinary a

Hitting the Mark: Occupy Avengers #1

Occupy Avengers #1 Marvel Comics, October 2016 Writer: David F. Walker “Occupy Avengers” is a new miniseries from American publisher Marvel Comics that focuses on a character named Clint Barton. This is the alter ego of bow and arrow-wielding superhero Hawkeye. In this story, Barton travels across the U.S. looking for the kind of problems

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