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January 18, 2018


The Resurrected #1 (Review)

The Resurrected #1 Carnouche Productions, 2017 Writer:Christian Carnouche This is a science fiction story, with modern political undertones. In particular, The Resurrected touches upon many contemporary issues in indigenous Australian relations. These heated topics, historical in origin but echoing into present-day Australian society, include Aboriginal deaths in custody, 19th century genocide of Aborigines by European

Umami #1-2 (review)

Umami #1-2 Writer: Ken Niimura This is a very quirky story, involving a quest for salt, gourmet cooking, talking animals, and the problem of being captured and eaten by wolves. The copy from the publisher reads as follows: Who said cooking was only for nourishing? Uma is a cheerful and determined girl from a remote

Judas #1 (Review)

Judas #1 BOOM! Studios, December 2017 Writer: Jeff Loveless Judas is a new comic book series from American publisher BOOM! Studios. It focuses on a character based on Judas Escariot, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. The story is set after the events of his betrayal and suicide, and depicts the former disciple

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