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May 24, 2018


Ghost Island

Ghost Island #1 and 2 (Review)

Ghost Island #1 and 2 Afterlight Comics, 2017-2018 Writer: Joseph Oliveira Do not be deterred by the cliched title. Ghost Island, a horror comic book written by Joseph Oliveira, is a figurative and literally excursion into caged horror. More specifically, the plot involves a nascent theme park set on an isolated island, and which features

A City Inside (Review)

A City Inside Avery Hill Publishing, 2016 Writer: Tillie Walden Time. It starts with a woman, lying on a very soft mattress, offered some tea. There is a sense of therapy, of mediation being introduced to a reluctant novice. And then, she is told to breath. With that breath the protagonist is stolen from the

Single Cell (Review)

Single Cell Independently published, 2018 Writer: Dr Machina Strongly recommended to fans of surrealism, Single Cell is one of the strangest comics we have had the pleasure to review. Single Cell consists of a series of unrelated one panel pages. Each panel consists of what appears to be obscure or forgotten comic book art, some

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