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Roots of a Mystery

“Trees” Volume 1 (review) Writer: Warren Ellis Image Comics, February 2015 Review by DG Stewart, 4 April 2016 World Comic Book Review was hoping this

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Review: Batman/Superman #30

Batman/Superman 30 (review) DC Comics, May 2016 Writer: Tom Taylor Review by DG Stewart, 6 April 2016 In this comic, two iconic superhero properties, Superman

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An American heart of darkness

“Manifest Destiny” Volume 1: Flora & Fauna Volume 2: Amphibia & Insecta Volume 3: Chiroptera & Carniformaves 2014-2016, Images Comics and Skybound Entertainment Writer: Chris

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The Fifth Guest is an Unknown

“Storm” (review) Writer: Tim Minchin Orion Books, 2014 Review by DG Stewart, 15 March 2017 Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, actor, and musical polymath Tim Minchin

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“By Toutatis!”

The Historical Inaccuracy of Asterix Pilote Magazine, Hachette, 1959-2010 Writers: Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo Review by DG Stewart, 18 March 2016 “Asterix” is a

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Deviating from Quality

Transformers: Deviations IDW Publishing, 16 March 2016 Writer: Brandon Easton Review by Neil Raymundo, 17 March 2016 Transformers: Deviations is a one-shot published by American

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The Old Game

Black Widow 1 Marvel Comics, May 2016 Writers: Chris Samnee and Mark Waid Review by DG Stewart, 4 March 2016 In 2006 acclaimed British comic

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Not Just Another Princess

Another Castle #1 (review) Oni Press, March 2016 Writers: Andrew Wheeler Review by Neil Raymundo, 8 March 2016 It seems appropriate that we are reviewing

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