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October 18, 2019


JLA Rebirth: Killer Frost #1 (Review)

Justice League of America Rebirth: Killer Frost #1 DC Comics, January 25, 2017 Writer: Jody Houser, Steve Orlando “Justice League of America Rebirth: Killer Frost” #1, is a new comic book from American publisher DC Comics that focuses on the fictional supervillainess Killer Frost. This character has frost/ice-based powers and is very frequently used as

New Super-Man #1 (review)

New Super-Man #1 (review) DC Comics, September 2016 Writer: Gene Luen Yang American publisher DC Comics are presently undertaking one of its periodic hedge-trimming exercises, where its character properties are revamped or reconstituted so as to remove complexity caused by years of convoluted plots. This time around the exercise is called “Rebirth”. In this “Rebirth”-branded

Justice League #1 Rebirth (review)

Justice League #1 Rebirth (review) (DC Comics, September 2016) Writer: Bryan Hitch Writer Bryan Hitch has a better reputation as an artist than a writer. As a consequence of his efforts on a number of titles, Mr Hitch has developed notoriety as a “widescreen” artist, someone who draws blockbuster movie style action in comics. “Justice

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