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March 1, 2021


The Batman Who Laughs #1: DC Comics’ worst, most poorly-thought through concept in its history is about to be published

The Batman Who Laughs #1 DC Comics, November 2017 Writer: Scott Snyder American superhero comic book publisher DC Comics has made some disturbing editorial decisions over recent years. These include: a. a plot around a weaponised baby, apparently in pain, courtesy of Geoff Johns in Justice League #50 (which we have previously reviewed) b. the

Batman: White Knight #1 (Review)

Batman: White Knight #1 DC Comics, October 2017 Writer: Sean Murphy We continue our meandering excursion through the present promulgation of titles associated with alternate universe-versions of Batman. This exercise is vaguely akin to considering the pop art works of, say, an Andy Warhol, whereby each iteration of the image has different hues and focus.

Harley Quinn and Batman #1 (review)

Harley Quinn and Batman #1 DC Comics, August 2017 Writer: Ty Templeton “Harley Quinn and Batman” #1’s title plainly communicates the marketing purpose of this new comic book series: American publisher DC comics is leveraging the newfound mainstream popularity of a character called “Harley Quinn”, buoyed by the 2016 blockbuster film which heavily marketed Australian

Injustice: Ground Zero (Review)

Injustice: Ground Zero DC Comics, December 7, 2016-ongoing Writers: Christopher Sebela, Brian Buccellato In the spring of 2013, the Interactive Entertainment division of Warner Bros. (which owns DC Comics) and videogame developer NetherRealm Studios jointly developed and published a 3D Fighting-genre video game titled “Injustice: Gods Among Us” for a variety of hardware platforms. The

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