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Despicable Deadpool #290 (Review)

Despicable Deadpool #290 Marvel Comics, December 2017 Writer: Gerry Duggan In 2015, the Deadpool motion picture adaptation that featured actor Ryan Reynolds’ larger-than-life portrayal of

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Cable #1 (Review)

Cable #1 Marvel Comics, May 2017 Writer: James Robinson “Cable” #1 is the first issue of a new comic book series from US publisher Marvel

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Deadpool: Bad Blood (Review)

Deadpool: Bad Blood Marvel Comics, May 2017 Writers: Rob Liefeld, Chris Sims, Chad Bowers There are two common (and easily-corrected through a rapid Google search)

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Foolkiller #1 (review)

Foolkiller #1 (review) Marvel Comics, November 2016 Writer: Max Bemis “Foolkiller” #1 is the start of a new mini-series from American publisher Marvel Comics. It

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Deadpool: Back in Black #1 (Review)

“Deadpool: Back in Black” #1 (Review) Marvel Comics, October 5, 2016 Writer: Cullen Bunn The character “Deadpool” occupies a unique space in American comic book

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