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September 22, 2019


Kingpin #1-2 (Review)

Kingpin #1-2 Marvel Comics, Feb-March, 2017 Writer: Matthew Rosenberg “Kingpin” is a new comic book miniseries from American publisher Marvel Comics focusing on the character Wilson Fisk. Fisk is a hulking, bald crime boss frequently used as the main antagonist for Marvel superheroes Daredevil and Spider-Man. Kingpin very recently gained mainstream attention outside of comic

Always Bet on Red: Elektra #1 (Review)

Elektra #1 Marvel Comics, February, 2017 Writer: Matt Owens “Elektra” #1 is a new comic book series from American comic book publisher Marvel Comics. The series revolves around the Greek female ninja assassin known by her first name, Elektra, who is an on-again, off-again ally/romantic interest and enemy of Marvel Comics’ blind acrobatic superhero Daredevil.

Civil War II – The Accused #1 (review)

Civil War II – The Accused #1 Marvel Comics August 10, 2016 Writer: Marc Guggenheim “The Accused” is a standalone tie-in to American publisher Marvel Comic’s annual crossover event, this year entitled “Civil War II”. This cross-promotional publication event is, in essence, a marketing ploy to encourage readers of Marvel Comics to buy additional titles,