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25th September 2022

Friday (review): Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin look at child detectives and what kind of adults they could grow up to be.

Now, imagine Encyclopedia Brown taking on cases that involve Lovecraftian nightmare creatures, but with the New England flavor swapped out for a Mid Western taste profile. That’s the second half of the equation from two creators named Marcos and Ed. One could tell you what the third part of the formula is… but that would … Read more

Heretics of the Fathomless Realms (review)—“Hit the space bar”

Co-Creators Writer: Dorian Alexander, Artist: Jeremy Raab Colorist: Gabriel Fischer Weird Trails 2021-2022 THE DANDY FOP expects admiration, and here they come in a pair. The two heretic heroes in HERETICS OF THE FATHOMLESS REALMS look like avatars for co-creators Dorian Alexander and Jeremy Raab, writer and artist, calling themselves the Lost and the Mad, … Read more

Evermore (review) (and an interview with writer Joshua Gamon)

Writer : Joshua Gamon Artist : Aleksandar Bozic Ske Lettering : Jérôme Gagnon Cover : Flavio Giron Markosia Enterprises, 2019-2022 The idea of there being different worlds where different rules apply is part of the underlying structure of the ars scribendi. Not all books deal with new realities, of course, but those which do (books … Read more