World Comic Book Review

8th February 2023

Talgard, Tome 2 (review)

Writer: Gary Proudley Artists: Campbell Whyte, Garry Chaloner, Daniel A. Becker, Stefanie Palladino, Cody Anderson, Lauren Marshall, Sarah Boxall, Louie Joyce, Cristian Roux, Paul Mason, Tatiana Davidson, Al Barrionuevo, Robert Buratti, Jana Hoffmann, Sacha Bryning, Queenie Chan, Brenton McKenna, Dean Rankine, Tim McEwen Gestalt Comics, 2022 Once again, our paths cross with those of the … Read more

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (revisited) —“Someone speaks to me from a long distance off”

Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Kevin O’Neill America’s Best Comics, 1999, 2002, 2018 NOCTURNAL MAMMALS relinquished daylight to the dragons and those long nights I believe remain in us. At the end of the nineteenth century and decades on as whale oil turned to gas and then electric lamps, and rails and ships and alternate power … Read more

Justice #1-3 Review

Writer: Brian Lambert Artist: Fabio Simao Wingless Comics, 2022 Sometimes a story in the middle of a saga is a great place to start. Film series like Rocky, Fast & Furious, Mission Impossible and so on are often made to be accessible to new audience members with every instalment. Justice feels like that kind of … Read more