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May 10, 2021


Hicotea: a Nightlights Story (review)

Writer and artist: Lorena Alvarez NoBrow Press, 2019 Purchased: Dymocks Subiaco, Perth NoBrow Press, purveyors of artisanal graphic novels, describes the writer and creator of Hicotea: a Nightlights Story this: “Lorena Alvarez was born and raised in Bogotá, and studied Graphic Design and Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.” Having read this comic, we assume she was

The Boy with Nails for Eyes (and prologue) (review)

Writer and artist: Shaun Gardiner Unbound, 2018 “But between those two things there was that divide – a gap, without breadth, but impossible to cross. A place which does not meet a surface. On the other side of the world. Everything. But there swum, beneath the calm surface of his routine, a sensation of profound

Euthanauts (Volume 1) (review)

Writer: Tini HowardArtist: Nick Robles Black Crown / IGN, February 2019 Purchased: Quality Comics, Perth The cover to this volume is striking. Here in the gloom is a person who resembles a deep sea diver. She is happy, looking directly at us, her head contained in a form of life support, a glowing glass dome

Blackbird Volume 1 (review)

Blackbird Volume 1Writer: Sam HumphriesArtist: Jen BartelImage Comics, 2019Purchased: Quality Comics, Perth Alan Moore’s body of work casts a long shadow. Written for the America’s Best Comics imprint of US publisher DC Comics from 1999 to 2005, Promethea explores a hidden world of magic and symbolism. The protagonist is a goofy school girl named Sophie Bangs who

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