World Comic Book Review

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19th May 2022

Nonnonba (review)

Writer/Artist : Shigeru Mizuki Translator : Jocelyne Allen Published by : Drawn & Quarterly Year : 2019 (Original Japanese text: 1977) Time and time again we are reminded of how the past has been building up into our present, the structure of lost events being reproduced into the ever-changing and ever-still momentum of the “here … Read more

Evermore (review) (and an interview with writer Joshua Gamon)

Writer : Joshua Gamon Artist : Aleksandar Bozic Ske Lettering : Jérôme Gagnon Cover : Flavio Giron Markosia Enterprises, 2019-2022 The idea of there being different worlds where different rules apply is part of the underlying structure of the ars scribendi. Not all books deal with new realities, of course, but those which do (books … Read more

Dokudami Tenement (review)

Writer and artist: Takashi Fukutani, Weekly Manga Times. 1979-1992 The review is based on the Italian edition, a “best of” containing a couple of chapters from the original manga. For the English market, please refer to Black Hook Press. There’s something about life that sometimes does not work properly for us. We have dreams, we … Read more