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29th June 2022

X-Men: Red #1 (review)

Writer: Al Ewing Artists: Stefano Caselli and Federico Blee Marvel Comics. June, 2022 At the outset: an apology. This critique mentions the names of characters and various backstories which a new reader looking for some objective narrative will not follow. In that sense, our critique entirely resembles the object of its scrutiny – it is … Read more

She-Hulk #1 (review): “Back to basics”

Writer: Rainbow RowellArtist: Roge AntonioColorist: Rico RenziMarvel Comics, 2022 While the mildly controversial run of She-Hulk led by Mariko Tamaki was certainly good (and definitely not as bad as some may lead you to believe), it was lacking, at least for me, in certain aspects that tended to make She-Hulk books stand out from other … Read more

Fantastic Four #5 (Review) – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters

fantastic four

Fantastic Four #5 – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writer: Dan Slott Weddings in American superhero comics are usually ill-omened. Batman was recently left at the aisle by Catwoman; The Flash (Wally West) had his wedding to Linda Park interrupted by the villainous Abra Kadabra; Wolverine’s first wedding … Read more

Shatterstar #1 (Review)

Shatterstar #1 Marvel Comics, December 2018 Writer: Tim Seeley The character Shatterstar began existence as what we would now regard as a caricature of the American paramilitary superhero style convention of the 1990s. A tattooed face, long braided hair, swords, and grimaced teeth were part of a de rigeur package for superheroes of the time. … Read more