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16th January 2022

Fantastic Four #5 (Review) – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters

fantastic four

Fantastic Four #5 – the Wedding of the Thing and Alicia Masters Marvel Comics, February 2019 Writer: Dan Slott Weddings in American superhero comics are usually ill-omened. Batman was recently left at the aisle by Catwoman; The Flash (Wally West) had his wedding to Linda Park interrupted by the villainous Abra Kadabra; Wolverine’s first wedding … Read more

Shatterstar #1 (Review)

Shatterstar #1 Marvel Comics, December 2018 Writer: Tim Seeley The character Shatterstar began existence as what we would now regard as a caricature of the American paramilitary superhero style convention of the 1990s. A tattooed face, long braided hair, swords, and grimaced teeth were part of a de rigeur package for superheroes of the time. … Read more

The Mighty Thor #1 (Review)


The Mighty Thor #1 Marvel Comics, July 2018 Writer: Jason Aaron Jason Aaron continues his helmsmanship of the two Thor comics, a multidimensional superhero saga, loosely grounded in Norse mythology, published by American superhero publisher Marvel Comics. Mr Aaron has been writing Thor’s adventures since 2012. We have spent a lot of time and used … Read more