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Die! Die! Die! #1 (Review)

Die! Die! Die! #1 Image Comics, July 2018 Writer: Robert Kirkman In the age of a Trump presidency, it was perhaps inevitable that the Deep

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Redneck Volume 1 (Review)

Redneck Volume 1 Image Comics: Trade Paperback: October 2017 Writer: Donny Cates In the American vernacular, a “redneck” is a term: a. used for a

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Hit-Girl #1 (Review)

Hit-Girl #1 Image Comics, February 2018 Writer: Mark Millar In February 2008, Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar created a comic book series titled Kick-Ass

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Rocket Girl Volume 1 (Review)

Rocket Girl Volume 1 Written by Brandon Montclare Publisher: Image Comics Trade Paperback: October 2016 Science fiction novelist Poul Anderson has his Time Patrol books,

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Coyotes #1 (Review)

Coyotes #1 Image Comics, November 2017 Writer: Sean Lewis Coyotes is a new comic book series from American publisher Image Comics. It is set in

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