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Staff and Contributors

DG Stewart | Editor | Content Contributor

DG Stewart is the editor of WCBR and is a content contributor. He completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in literature at the University of Western Australia in 1989, and is an Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University in Australia. In 2017 he was the Chairman of WritingWA, the peak body for literature in Western Australia, and sat on the board of WritingWA for eight years.

Christian Carnouche | Content Contributor

Christian is an Australian comic book writer living in The Netherlands and is the creator/writer of THE RESURRECTED comic book series. He is currently writing/producing an anthology of short comic book stories that explore the dark corners of our minds.


Paul Murphy | Content Contributor

Paul Murphy contributes content from somewhere in North Dakota, where he mostly tries to wait out the winter. Most of his college education was spent writing about comic books when he was supposed to be writing about prose novels.

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly | Content Contributor

Tom Kelly is a composition instructor living in New York State. An avid reader, he’s always looking for ways to share his unasked for opinions on the things he finishes.


Maxwell Yezpitelok | Content Contributor

Maxwell Yezpitelok is a content contributor from Chile, and one-half of the creative team behind the action comedy webcomic Ack.


Greggory Basore | Content Contributor

Greggory Basore is a freelance writer who is living in Eugene Oregon, which is neither as exciting nor as boring as it sounds. When he’s not writing articles for websites like this one, or just lazing around the house, he’ll write creative fiction, including a sci-fi novel in progress being written on twitter (which seemed like a much better idea when he started).

Terry Hammond Content Contributor

Planted on the east slope of Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon, Terry Hammond lives by a skull-boned motto circling an old, ragged t-shirt by a local artist: print to live, live to print. He enjoys chronicling the present era of paper in comic books, slamming the world with astonishing art.

Guido Negretti Content Contributor

Born in the north of a very famous European peninsula, Guido enjoys reading comics as much as writing about them. After years spent with Carl Barks, E. C. Segar, Bill Watterson, and Spider-Man, at the age of fifteen he stumbled upon a Vertigo paperback and from then on he has never stopped exploring new worlds.  


Neil Raymundo | Content Contributor

Neil Raymundo is a content contributor based in the Philippines and WCBR’s de facto web guy. Most tech-savvy person in WCBR’s team of luddite contributors.