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30th June 2022

Savage Avengers #1 (Review)

Writer: David Pepose Artist: Carols Magno Marvel Comics, May 2022 Savage Avengers is a new comic book series published by US superhero publisher Marvel Comics, and penned by David Pepose. Mr Pepose has an impressive resume of recent comic book works that includes the Spencer & Locke mini-series and the Ringo-award winning The O.Z. (and … Read more

Emily: Emergence (Review)

Writer: Chaz K Art: Ken Bastard Futurebound Comics, December 2019 Emily: Emergence is a psychological science fiction comic written by Chaz K, with illustrations and colors provided by Ken Bastard and Nathan Lum respectively. The story revolves around the titular character who is a college student struggling with the pressure of an upcoming exam, exacerbated … Read more

Marvel Zombies: Destroy! (revisited)

Writers: Frank Marraffino and Peter David Artist: Mirco Pierfederici Marvel Comics, 2011-2012 Back in December 2005, American superhero comic book publisher Marvel Comics published a 5-issue limited series titled Marvel Zombies. It was very popular. The series revolves around an alternate universe in which all of Marvel’s superheroes, save for a handful of survivors, have … Read more