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18th January 2022

Warhausen (Review)

Writer: Jason Doring Artist: Megan Huang Independently published, December 2020 Before the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, the WWE, adapted “Sports Entertainment” as a descriptor, American professional wrestling mostly thrived under the convention of “kayfabe.” This conceit presents all the wrestling matches and storylines as authentic. The crest of kayfabe in the 1980s and … Read more

Weird Western Adventures: Bea and James #1 (Review)

weird western adventures

Writer: Greg Boucher Artist: Justin Ayres Studio Stella Polaris, October 2020 Weird Western Adventures: Bea and James is an independently-published comic book from writer Greg Boucher, with illustration done by Justin Ayers. The words “weird western” in the title alludes to a specific sub-genre, where the elements of sci-fi are mixed in what is otherwise … Read more

NJXP (Review)

Creator: Rhys Prosser Independent, November 2021 NJXP is the first graphic novel written and illustrated by Rhys Prosser (see Rhys Prosser – Comic Book Author). Mr Prosser originally started working on NJXP in 2019 but managed to finish and release the project in late 2021. (As we see so often in this age of Covid, … Read more

Acursian (Review)

Writers: John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman, and Erika Lewis. Artists: Beni Lobdel and Rubine Legendary Comics, 2018-2020 (printed version December 2021) Acursian is a mature fantasy graphic novel written by the trio of John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman, and Erika Lewis. The art is handled by Beni Lobdel. The project was originally released in webtoon format, but … Read more