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October 20, 2020

Rick Remender

Deadly Class volume 7 – Love Like Blood (Review)

Deadly Class volume 7 – Love Like Blood Image Comics, October 2018 Writer: Rick Remender In our review of Deadly Class volume 6, we urged writer Rick Remender to allow the story’s protagonist, Marcus, to finally kill the foul Russian named Viktor. The characters are depicted as thoroughly detesting each other. We as Mr Remender’s

Tokyo Ghost: Hardcover Collected Edition (Review)

Tokyo Ghost (hardcover collected edition) Image Comics, July 2017 Writer: Rick Remender Primitivism, the melange of both wistful fantasy and philosophy, is founded in the premise that a simpler life is inherently better than the complexity of modern life. It has its Anglophone origins with Matthew Arnold, an English writer who espoused through his work

Please Shoot Viktor!: Deadly Class volume 6 (review)

Please Shoot Viktor!: Deadly Class volume 6 Image Comics, 2017 Writer: Rick Remender One wonders how much of a nostalgic trip crafting the plot and dialogue for Deadly Class must be for Rick Remender. Mr Remender is the writer and creator of what is in our view the best title presently on offer in the

A Eulogy for Marcus: Deadly Class #1-22

Deadly Class #1-22 (review) Image Comics, 2015-2016 Writer: Rick Remender Marcus Lopez Arguello died in late 1987 – the exact date is unclear – aged only fifteen. Marcus’ friends, and we are amongst them, will properly assert that his death was a shameful waste. In the freefall of violence in which Marcus spent most of his

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