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October 25, 2020


Happy Twentieth Birthday, Apollo and Midnighter

The year 2018 marks the seventieth anniversary of the creation of Superman, a globally famous superhero character owned by American publisher DC Comics. It would be a remarkable milestone of longevity for any creative work. The character has been continuously published since 1938, has spawned, amongst other things, countless motion pictures, cartoons, action figures, t-shirts,

Charisma, fetishism, homosexuality, and violence: Midnighter #1 [review]

Midnighter # 1 (DC Comics, 2015), written by Steve Orlando and with art by Aco and Hugo Petrus, features a character who is very different from most of its superhero peers. By way of example, Midnighter’s Grindr profile, set out on the fourth page of the first issue, is most amusing: Name: M Currently: Single

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