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Category: Horror

The Dancing Plague (review)

Creator: Gareth Brookes Self Made Man, 2021 Before we get to the subject matter of this surprisingly confronting comic, The Dancing Plague, we must first

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The Rite #1 (review)

Writer: Aaron J. McGrath Artist: Hernan Gonzalez Colourist: Damian Felitte Letter: Nicholas Lepka December, 2021 The Rite #1 is an independent horror title released in

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Burger #1 (review)

Writer: Ben Canny Artist: Gourkloum Running Ground Studios, 2022 “It is a story about happiness,” promises a dialogue box on the first page, the line

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Uzamaki (revisited)

Uzumaki Writer and Artist: Junji Ito Publisher : Viz, 2013 (originally 1998-99) Horror requires the creation of a structure putting into motion a feeling of

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Marvel Zombies: Destroy! (revisited)

Writers: Frank Marraffino and Peter David Artist: Mirco Pierfederici Marvel Comics, 2011-2012 Back in December 2005, American superhero comic book publisher Marvel Comics published a

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