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Two Ligne Claire Comic Exhibitions Open in Paris

The comic book art style of ligne claire, best known globally through the work of Tintin, has its most ardent admirers in its continental birthplace. And so it should be no surprise that Paris is home, this month, to the openings of not one but two ligne claire exhibitions.

Galerie Martel is exhibiting the work of the Dutch ligne claire creator, Joost Swarte and Galerie Cécilia is exhibiting the work of the French ligne claire artist, Stanislas.

For those not familiar with the highly influential work of Mr Swarte, The Comics Journal conducted a telephone interview with him in 2012, found on this link. Over 450 of Mr Swarte’s works have appeared on the cover or the interior of The New Yorker magazine.

The exhibition coincides the launch of the publication, at Editions Dargaud, of the French version of Mr Jooste’s New York Book, which collects his work (and unpublished sketches) for The New Yorker. A dedication to the book launch will take place on 27 January 2018. The English language version of this book can be bought here. More information on the exhibition can be found at its Galerie Martel

Stanislas (the working name of artist Stanislas Barthélémy) is perhaps best known for his artistic work on The Adventures of Herge, a ligne claire biographical work about the action-packed life of the creator of ligne claire comic Tintin.

The Stanislas exhibition is organized by SOBD & Oblique Art Production, and runs from 13 January 2018 to 20 January 2018, at Galerie Cécilia. More information can be found by way of Art Oblique Production’s Facebook page.