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July 21, 2019


Captain America #8 (Review)

CAPTAIN AMERICA #8by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Francis YuMarvel Comics, April 2019 When it was first announced early in 2018 that Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates would be the new writer on Captain America, several online forums and platforms were set ablaze with voices of protest from comic fans who felt that an SJW (Social Justice Warrior)

DC Comics to Retire Flash Titles

(Los Angeles): DC Comics announced today that it will be retiring long-serving superhero, The Flash and cancelling the character’s title. The American comic book publisher, which has had The Flash comic books in constant circulation since 1956, decided to cease publishing the character with the final issue of the title, The Flash #70, being the last. “We’re really sad

Heroes in Crisis #7 (review)

DC Comics, May 2019Writer: Tom King We have previously reviewed Heroes in Crisis #1-3  – and favourably, noting that for the first time, an American comic book publisher is treating mental health as something other than the secret origin of the supervillain-of-the-week. But with this latest issue, American writer Tom King is now steering very close to the

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