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April 8, 2020


Revisiting Manhunter (review)

DC Comics, 1973 Writer: Archie Goodwin Artist: Walt Simonson This is the third review of comics from the genre of espionage (for want of a better term, our “spy comics week”). We turn back almost fifty years to a revered classic, Manhunter, written by Archie Goodwin and with art by Walt Simonson.  This is a

Supermom: Expecting Trouble #1 (review)

Writer: Gordon McLean Artist: Caio Oliveira  December 2019, Action Lab The superhero genre is a cavern almost completely excavated of anything of value. It is very difficult to discern any glimmers of gold left in the dark. So much of the material, with its parameters of good against evil, superpowers, ritualised combat, and fetished costumes, has

New Mutants #1 (review)

Writers: Ed Brisson and Jonathan HickmanArtist: Rod ReisMarvel Comics, November 2019 This title is refreshing. There is a breezy fun to New Mutants #1 that has not been seen in Marvel Comics’ often-grinding X-Men titles for many years. The New Mutants are a junior superhero team – “junior” in the sense that all of the characters

Batman #83 (review)

DC Comics, November 2019 Writer: Tom King Artist: Mikel Janin This image caused a stir on Twitter on 21 November 2019: The reason for the controversy? In Batman #50, which we reviewed some time ago https://www.worldcomicbookreview.com/2018/06/11/batman-catwoman-married/ , Batman and his former enemy Catwoman were to get married. They didn’t: Catwoman stood Batman up at the altar.

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