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June 3, 2020

Posts by: Neil Raymundo


Avengers #1 (Review)

Avengers #1 Marvel Comics, May 2018 Writer: Jason Aaron American comic book publisher Marvel Comics is making hay while the sun shines with the release of this new title, Avengers. Despite visual similarities with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s versions of The Avengers, the comic Avengers #1 has no connections to the recently released and highly successful

The X-Files: Case Files – Florida Man #1 (Review)

The X-Files: Case Files – Florida Man #1 IDW Publishing, April 2018 Writer: Delilah S. Dawson The X-Files: Case Files is a new comic book series from American publisher IDW Publishing, based on the iconic sci-fi TV series entitled The X-Files. The comic book series was launched in order to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.


Demi-God #1 (Review)

Demi-God #1 IDW Publishing, April 2018 Writer: Ron Marz Demi-God is a new comic book series from IDW Publishing, published as part of a new line of comics created in partnership with Ominous Press, with its continuity dubbed the “Ominous Universe”. Many readers will most likely come across Demi-God #1 because of the prestige of

Factory #1 (Review)

Factory #1 Titan Comics, March 2018 Writer: ELGO Factory is a new science fiction comic book series from Titan Comics (a comic book-focused subsidiary of British publisher Titan Books), with writing and art from French artist Yacine Elghorri. Elghorri, who produces work under the pseudonym ELGO, is known for his work in various films and

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