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NJXP (Review)

Creator: Rhys Prosser Independent, November 2021 NJXP is the first graphic novel written and illustrated by Rhys Prosser (see Rhys Prosser – Comic Book Author).

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Acursian (Review)

Writers: John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman, and Erika Lewis. Artists: Beni Lobdel and Rubine Legendary Comics, 2018-2020 (printed version December 2021) Acursian is a mature fantasy

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Space Oddities #1 (review)

Writers: Ben Robinson and Jon Williams Artist: Jon Williams Independently published, March 2021 Space Oddities is a sci-fi adventure comic created by the effervescent duo

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Rammur #1 (Review)

Writer: Charles SantinoArtists: Paulo Peres, Marco Perugini, Carlos Aon Independently published, May 2021 Rammur is a futuristic action comic that revolves around the titular character,

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Goblin Slayer (Review)

Goblin SlayerWriter: Kosuke KurosePublisher: Square Enix, May 25, 2016-Present Most manga readers will be familiar with the Goblin Slayer brand via the controversial anime, which attracted a

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