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Milky #1-4 (review)

Writer: Joshua SaxonArtist: Gian Fernando Joshua Saxon Comics, 2021 What if crocodilian aliens lead by a being called Lord Moofu invaded England looking to kidnap Earth girls,

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Giga #1-3 (review)

Writer: Alex Paknadel Artist: John Lê Vault Comics, 2020-1 Little wonder the first issue of this title sold out. Giga is a science fiction story

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The Monuments (review)

Creators: Michael S. Bracco, Oliver Mertz, Mike Isenberg Independently published, 2018-2021 The most beautiful of all ruins, in science fiction, surely is that of the

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THE NEW WORLD (review)

Writer: Ales Kot Art: Tradd Moore and Heather Moore Image Comics, collected as a trade paperback in January 2019 I HAVE TO HOLD MY BREATH

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