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August 6, 2020

dre torres


Popova #2 (review)

Popova #2 2018 Writers: Dre Torres and Alex Valdez Back in May 2017, we wrote an extremely positive review of Popova #1. Written by two men, Dre Torres and Alex Valdez, this is a feminist rape/revenge genre comic book. Self-evidentially this is a grim genre, and there will contention about its deployment by male writers.

Popova #1: Life After Death

Popova #1: Life After Death PopovaWorld.com, 2017 Writers: Dre Torres and Alex Valdes This is the first of our reviews, issued this week, of independently published comics, to coincide with Free Comicbook Day. We start this exercise with the examination of a newly discovered gem. The story starts with two lesbians on a date at

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