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February 19, 2020


Biblical Grandeur: Lucifer #14-15 (Review)

Lucifer #14-15 DC Comics, January-February, 2017 Writer: Richard Kadrey The 14th issue of Vertigo’s relaunch of the Lucifer comic book series is notable for two reasons. First, it marks the start of a new story arc. The previous issue (which we have reviewed before) was a holiday special that serves as a much needed break

Return of the Morningstar

Lucifer #1 (2016 series) [review] DC Comic, December 2015 Writer: Holly Black Review by Neil Raymundo, 21 December 2015. In April 1989, the fourth issue of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” introduced the fallen angel Lucifer. Mr Gaiman initially modelled the look of Lucifer after David Bowie, and the character seemed languid and detached from reality.

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