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17th January 2022

DCeased: Unkillables (review)

Writer: Tom Taylor Artists: Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, John Livesay DC Comics, 2021 American publisher DC Comics continues to explore its alternative continuity universe, in which a zombie epidemic has engulfed the Earth. In this collection, DCeased: Unkillables, we see the fates of those who have survived but been left behind as the … Read more

Batman: Reptilian (review)

Writer : Garth Ennis Artist : Liam Sharp Publisher : DC Comics Year : 2021 (miniseries 1-6) Batman, as a character, has become part of global popular culture, popular being here a way of highlighting a certain anthropological and social attitude towards what might be called modern folklore. Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, … Read more

Superpowers as an Industry: Power Broker #1 (review)

Power Broker #1 Review

Writer: Todd VicinoArtist: Jon Kutzer Independently published, 2018 Power Broker #1’s cover gives readers the impression of a standard superhero comic. It features a pair of of characters clad in skin-tight and color-coordinated costumes. Both are floating in the air while arcs of electricity illuminate the background. This cover, as attractive and exciting as it … Read more

Heroes Godsend Volume 2 (revisited)—“Pain leaves a stain”

Writer: Joey Falco Artists: Roy Allen Martinez, Ester Salguero Titan Comics ONE BEAUTY OF PRAYER is the underlying assurance that god speaks your language and might care to listen. Feel free to talk. Comfort in prayer, or achieving focus through prayer is a central feature in HEROES GODSEND, portraying the life of a Pakistani daughter … Read more