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December 11, 2019

Mark Waid

The Rise and Fall of Axiom (Review)

The Rise and Fall of Axiom (Review) Legendary Comics, August 2016 Writer: Mark Waid DC Comics’ iconic superhero character “Superman” has long been the subject of exploration by way of character doppelganger. Legendary Comics’ title “The Rise and Fall of Axiom” may seem like yet another addition to the increasingly long line of “Superman” deconstruction

Captain Kid #1: Make it Beautiful

Captain Kid #1 (review) Aftershock Comics (July 2016) Writers: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer “Captain Kid” is a superhero comic book published by Aftershock Comics, with scribes Mark Waid and Tom Peyer serving as co-creators and co-writers. Without taking away anything from Mr Peyer, who is a well-known comic book writer, fans of the American

Mark Waid’s Irredeemable: What Makes a Man Super?

With Warner Bros. and its subsidiary business DC Comics getting ready to lay all of their cards on the table in the forthcoming movie entitled “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, Superman is once again going to be the trump card. The character has to share the space with Batman, though, and if the movie